CQC Inspection 17th February 2021 from “Good” to “Requires Improvement”

CQC Inspections are always challenging, but an unscheduled inspection at the height of the Pandemic, with staff constraints, lockdown procedures and Resident’s safety is truly a new dimension. It is therefore creditable that the majority of the report is praiseworthy in terms of Resident Care, General Communications and even such aspects as the quality of individual food preferences.
Both Nationally and across the World, Care Homes have been victims of the Pandemic. This has resulted in the need to determine how the resources available should be sensibly allocated. It has also been a time to consider future beneficial changes in the overall care of Residents.

Welby Croft is now in the latter stages of converting the old, occasionally cumbersome, paperwork data recording system, challenged in its consistency by the CQC report, into an integrated electronic version. This development, together with implementing other diverse aspects of the CQC recommendations will ensure in more normal times that Welby Croft can again face the future with confidence.