In accord with all ‘care providers’, Welby Croft undergoes periodic CQC inspections. These are to ensure the well-being of residents, the quality of the care provided and issues relating to staff training and the overall efficiency of the home.

Welby Croft has always enjoyed a positive outcome to CQC inspections, even in times of sustained growth in resident numbers. Currently it is the intension of Welby Croft to continue to meet the rising demand from future residents by a sizeable expansion program of new bedrooms and support facilities. Whilst awaiting Council approval for this increase in the overall operation of Welby Croft such improvements as a costly modification to the overall heating systems, that would become obsolete by the “Greater Vision”, have been put on hold.

Such restrictions are always within the observance of any risk assessments relating to residents or staff. These formal risk assessments are continually supplemented by weekly staff meeting where are new concerns are speedily assessed and dealt with, as is now in accord with the recent CQC recommendations.